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The making and selling of our 100% pure hand-dipped beeswax tapers is our primary source of income. Our main sizes are 3/8" x 11", 5/16" x 6", and 7/8" x 11" tapers, though we can make practically any size. We do not offer Bishop's candles. We send in US Postal Service Priority Mail boxes, which hold around 10 to 11 pounds of candles. Please call at least two weeks in advance. 1/4" candles are more expensive by the pound.

If your parish or mission uses a box of candles in one months time, we are glad to arrange a standing monthly order. This is easier on our end with regards organization and helps with consistent supply. We typically will receive the order, send the candles, and then send an invoice separately. This is a great support of our humble community and appreciate your business.

If you would like to order candles, please call us at 575-638-5690. God bless you and grant you peace.
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