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By the Grace of God we are able to offer guest facilities to guests and pilgrims to the Monastery of the Holy Archangel Michael. Our guest house, the Holy Archangel's House of Ascent, is a fully furnished facility that offers three separate rooms. One room is a double room with its own bathroom. The other two share a bathroom that is accessible a few feet away up the breezeway. We offer a fully furnished kitchen. All guests share the common room which contains a fully furnished kitchen, dining area, and living area with fireplace. 

We ask all guests to be mindful of the peace that resides at the monastery and to maintain a certain quietude, respecting the other pilgrims but also the monastery. All guests are expected to bring their own foods for meals, though the Superior may elect to invite guests to dine with the brotherhood at his discretion. Please also leave all pets at home. 

An offerering is appreciated to help support the maintenance of the guesthouse equivalent to that of a motel's rate per night. Please contact the monastery in advance in order to make reservations as we do receive many guests. (575) 638-5690

Keeping in mind the traditional practices of our Church, please observe the following customs to help maintain a spirit of prayer during services:
-Men and boys should wear pants and long sleeves if possible
-Women and girls should wear a long skirt or dress, and long sleeves if possible. It is an Orthodox tradition for women to cover their heads, for angels cannot bear the glory of women
-Shorts and sleeveless shirts are not appropriate. However, removing one's shoes like Moses is welcome during services
-Please avoid using perfume, cologne and other strong smells
Thank you, and may God bless your visit with a spirit of peace
Common Room
Common Room
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